a dream for the hopeless

When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes thrown to oblivion.

Don’t bother wasting the money for a funeral. I don’t want that.

12 Facts about Myself

1) I am not very open about this because a lot of people will think it is silly, but I have been very into astrology since I was 14. It has more than just your daily horoscope. I could go on and on about it.

2) Although I try to avoid the discussion of death, I find it so much fun to think about what happens after death. There are just so many possibilities and it is one of the biggest mysteries of life. 

3) I like to believe that our souls get reincarnated to a whole new different world, like our souls are on an eternal mission for spiritual growth. 

4) I am a firm believer that aliens are somewhere out there in this magnificent universe and I REALLY really hope that we get contacted by aliens sometime during my lifetime because that would probably be the most exciting/frightening thing that will ever happen in my life.

5) I love the spiritual side of life. I love thinking about ghosts and such but the problem is that I am very terrified of them. If I encounter a ghost story I cannot bring myself to look away, or other times I just avoid hearing it because of how deeply afraid of I am. I am drawn to the paranormal either way.

6) I absolutely love the universe, and I love outer space. I think they are such beautiful mysteries of life to learn about. There is so much to learn and to discover. It makes me anxious thinking about it sometimes because there is just so much. I want to take Astronomy classes to educate myself on it. 

7) I have been caffeine and soda free for two months now and it feels great. 

8 ) Whenever a person does me wrong, I try all my best to analyze their intentions and what they were feeling. I try to put myself in their shoes, so that way I can take steps to forgive them for their errors.

9) I am currently taking guitar and voice lessons. They are a lot of fun, but I also want to try messing around with electronic music. 

10) I love life because I see it as a one big adventure with so many opportunities to take and lessons to learn. I love learning and experiencing unique things whether they be blissful or sorrowful. I feel that they help my spiritual and personal development; thus, it makes me a much more better person.

11) I am really sensitive and every time someone compliments me on a deep level, I cry over it. I cry because those compliments came from the heart and I cannot be ever so grateful.

12) There may be times where I seem extremely hopeless over life in general, but deep down inside I am a very, very hopeful person with a lot of passion and optimism for life. 

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I long for you

Like withered flowers thirst for rain

When autumn’s kiss

Embraces the lonely trees

On a cold October night.


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my heart reflects the weather today
calm, quiet, and beautiful
like soft rain giving its kisses
to the dew that mother nature
looks after.

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Your body flows at the surface

Of the endless river

I bid my farewell

Your soul gone

Your body mutilated 

open wounds

bleeding wrists

amidst the crowd

there she stands

as nothing more than a ghost

tonight you flew with me to the sky
where we landed on the stars
and watched the world below us
as the city kisses its stars goodnight
the lights flicker off
and we see nothing
but a dark world underneath us
where the city sleeps
and we sleep among the stars
that light up like christmas lights
in the night
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I asked you to love me

And you loved me more than enough

I asked you to care for me

And you cared for me more than enough

I asked you to take my hand

And you took my hand

And flew me to the ocean

Where our hearts met

And our souls collided

I asked you to kiss me

And you kissed me more than enough

I asked you to forgive me

And you forgave me more than enough

I asked you to never leave me

And you slept away into eternity. 

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a twisted mind
and a broken heart
mends with a pure soul
and its experiences
where nothing is pleasant
but far far into the road
hope is guaranteed
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the marks on my body have no name
yet they speak a tale
hear them out and you shall see
the origins of these markings
how they came to be, why they reside here
have you wondered, my friend
that the markings on my body 
have a hidden story
that you
will never
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